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Beautiful Agony

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Beautiful Agony
This song is based on part of the song \”A Nightmare to Remember\” by Dream Theater, first track of the \”Black Clouds \u0026 Silver Linings\” album.
That is my favorite part of the whole album, and I wished so hard it was a song by itself.
Fortunately Dream Theater released the album in independent tracks, so I knew I had to do this!
My goal was to make a song in full length (5:12 total) and mastered in a low level so all instruments could be heard in detail. Loudness is similar to \”Images and Words\” back in 1992.
Differences are: it starts very softly with guitar and keyboard, runs the verse all instrumental directly to the soft bridge and refrain. The first spoken verse was heavily edited to fit in a new tempo and time structure. Now the whole songs shifts from a dreamlike instrumental, softsung middle, growing until it reaches a heavy climax.
Keyboards and vocals are slightly higher in the mix then the original version to make it sound more like a ballad, and the mastering widens the stereo imaging a little.
Produced, arranged and mixed with Cakewalk Sonar 8.
Mastered with iZotope Ozone 4.
Matias Reccius

All material is copyrighted by Dream Theater and Roadrunner Records. This music and video is allowed to be broadcast over the Internet with written permission by Mike Portnoy’s official forum rules. See details and other versions here:

Beautiful Agony



Beautiful Agony Part 1

A singular portrait made up of many faces, which delves into to the private and public worlds of sexuality. Part 1

Beautiful Agony Part 1

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