Bhutanese Song | Nga Gi Ya Mashey | Misty Terrace (Lyric/Karaoke) | misty lyrics

Bhutanese Song | Nga Gi Ya Mashey | Misty Terrace (Lyric/Karaoke)

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\”Misty Terrace\” launches their second album HIMALAYA JUU the last Himalaya.
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Song: \”Nga Gi Ya Mashey\” \”Misty Terrace\”

Singer: Tandin Wangchuk (Misty Terrace)


Edit \u0026 Karaoke: Reechen Dorji

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Bhutanese Song | Nga Gi Ya Mashey | Misty Terrace (Lyric/Karaoke)


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About the artist;
Sarah Lois Vaughan (March 27, 1924 April 3, 1990) was an American jazz singer, described by Scott Yanow as having \”one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century.\”
Nicknamed \”Sailor\” (for her salty speech),\”Sassy\” and \”The Divine One\”, Sarah Vaughan was a Grammy Award winner.The National Endowment for the Arts bestowed upon her its \”highest honor in jazz\”, the NEA Jazz Masters Award, in 1989.
Biographies of Vaughan frequently stated that she was immediately thrust into stardom after a winning Amateur Night performance at Harlem’s Zeus Theater. In fact, the story that biographer Renee relates seems to be a bit more complex. Vaughan was frequently accompanied by a friend, Doris Robinson, on her trips into New York City. Sometime in the fall of 1942 (when Sarah was 18 years old), Vaughan suggested that Robinson enter the Apollo Theater Amateur Night contest. Vaughan played piano accompaniment for Robinson, who won second prize. Vaughan later decided to go back and compete herself as a singer. Vaughan sang \”Body and Soul\” and won, although the exact date of her victorious Apollo performance is uncertain. The prize, as Vaughan recalled later to Marian McPartland, was US$10 and the promise of a week’s engagement at the Apollo. After a considerable delay, Vaughan was contacted by the Apollo in the spring of 1943 to open for Ella Fitzgerald.
Sometime during her week of performances at the Apollo, Vaughan was introduced to bandleader and pianist Earl Hines, although the exact details of that introduction are disputed. Billy Eckstine, Hines’ singer at the time, has been credited by Vaughan and others with hearing her at the Apollo and recommending her to Hines. Hines also claimed to have discovered her himself and offered her a job on the spot. Regardless, after a brief tryout at the Apollo, Hines officially replaced his existing male singer with Vaughan on April 4, 1943.
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Sarah Vaughan
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Ella Fitzgerald Misty + lyrics


Ella Fitzgerald   Misty   +   lyrics

Misty – Ella Fitzgerald (lyrics)

Los creditos de la imagen y la música son míos.
misty jazz ellafitzgerald músic lyrics

Misty - Ella Fitzgerald (lyrics)

MISTY – JAZZIS PROJECT | Session #1 – Dattie Do \u0026 The Red Eyes Band | 8 the Theatre

MISTY JAZZIS PROJECT | Session 1 Dattie Do \u0026 The Red Eyes Band | 8 the Theatre
Listening live at our concert:
Misty bản jazz standard được viết vào năm 1954 bởi Erroll Garner và ra mắt công chúng lần đầu tiên vào năm 1959 trong album Heavenly của Johnny Mathis. Ban đầu Misty còn không được lựa chọn để thu âm cho album, nhưng sau đó đã trở thành ca khúc nổi tiếng nhất của Johnny Mathis với giai điệu nhẹ nhàng lãng mạn, đầy chất thơ. Ca khúc còn được thể hiện qua các giọng ca huyền thoại như Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra hay Sarah Vaughan.
Hơn 60 năm sau ngày ra mắt, và cách 13.142km, hãy cùng thưởng thức bản phối Misty đến từ Red Eyes Band và Dattie Do.
20:00 ngày 14/07/2020, tại Trung tâm Văn hóa Pháp, 24 Tràng Tiền Hà Nội.
Đặt vé tại đây:
✪ Produced by: 8 THE THEATRE
✪ Production House: 5CORES PRODUCTION
Special thanks to:
✪ Coolcat Jazz Club
✪ TL Production
Follow us at:
Contact: 0988755358 (Thảo) [email protected]
© Bản quyền thuộc về 8 the Theatre
© Copyright by 8 the Theatre ☞ Please Don’t Reup
Jazz Jazzis Misty JazzCover

MISTY - JAZZIS PROJECT | Session #1 - Dattie Do \u0026 The Red Eyes Band | 8 the Theatre

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