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Day in a Chinese High School

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Today I’d like to show you my usual day at a Chinese highschool!
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Day in a Chinese High School

Improving your memory – 6 Minute English

Improve your English vocabulary and speaking with 6 Minute English! Storing information is an important function of our brains and scientists are always looking at ways to improve it but also to stop it deteriorating.
Neil and Rob discuss ways of improving your memory and teach you new vocabulary that they hope you’ll remember later!
You’ll find the transcript and vocabulary on our website:
???? ? ?????? ??????? ????????:
Would you eat less meat to save the environment?
Are there benefits to schadenfreude?
Is music getting faster?
What makes you happy?
6 Minute English
things we remember from the past
learning by ‘doing’ and practising something over and over again
seeing something in the situation where it usually exists
changing information into a form that can be stored and later recalled
????????? ?????
doing something based on feelings rather than facts or proof
?????????’? (???????)
a disease affecting your brain that makes it difficult to remember things and gets worse as you get older
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Improving your memory - 6 Minute English

BBC Learning Zone Real Chinese: Education

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BBC Learning Zone Real Chinese:  Education

Japan’s ancient secret to better cognitive memory – BBC REEL

The centuriesold abacus, once a common tool in many countries, has now been abandoned around the world. But in Japan, thousands of students are still taught proficiency on the abacus.
Advocates argue that sliding the beads up and down with your fingers and then thinking with your brain creates a mindbody connection that helps with calculation skills and cognitive memory.
Video by Terushi Sho
Executive Producer: Camelia Sadeghzadeh
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Japan's ancient secret to better cognitive memory - BBC REEL

Inside Singapore’s world-class education system

Dateline travels to Singapore to find out why its education system tops the global leader board. We look at highstakes testing, and ask if the culture of competition puts too much pressure on kids. Janice Petersen follows some of Australia’s top teachers to Singapore, to find out how its education system, and culture, creates the world’s smartest students.

Inside Singapore’s world-class education system

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