MALICE MIZER, Moi dix Mois, ZIZ – Full Live 25th Anniversary Deep Sanctuary VI | malice mizer

MALICE MIZER, Moi dix Mois, ZIZ – Full Live 25th Anniversary Deep Sanctuary VI

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HIYA! Here is the full live 25th Anniversary Deep Sanctuary VI by MALICE MIZER, and the later bands of Mana and Közi: Moi dix Mois and ZIZ! With guest vocals of Shuji (cali≠gari \u0026 GOATBED), KAMIJO (Versailles \u0026 LAREINE) and Hitomi (UMIYURI / ウミユリ). And also with guest drums of Kami’s master, Sakura from L’Arc~en~Ciel, ZIGZO, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy and Rayflower. The guest vocalists were all roadies of MALICE MIZER at some point in the 90s before starting their own music careers.
The track selection was really solid, giving love to all three eras. Of course there’s amazing MM songs that weren’t included, but I think we still got a good selection of songs. The vocalists also all did a great job. I’m especially surprised at how good Közi sings, for having started out as a guitarist. His interpretation of seraph was amazing! I also edited the colours so it looks less \”smokey\”, or grey because of the stage lights.
Moi dix Mois:
00:17 SE: En Lumière
01:46 Dialogue Symphonie
06:07 MC
07:33 Beast side
11:40 SE: Solitude intro
12:36 Solitude
17:22 Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku / 真夜中に交わした約束 (MALICE MIZER cover)
22:35 Prologue〜回想〜
23:03 Gardenia (MALICE MIZER cover)
28:24 SE: En Lumière
30:14 AWaWA
33:03 瑪瑙ピエロ / Menou Pierrot
37:01 MC
41:15 COLORS
46:29 FLOAT
50:25 GI to DA
54:42 seraph (MALICE MIZER cover)
1:00:10 SE: Saikai no chi to bara / 再会の血と薔薇
1:03:16 Kyomu no naka de no yuugi / 虚無の中での遊戯
MALICE MIZER w/ Shuji on vocals:
1:09:26 SE: de memoire
1:10:24 Kioku to Sora / 記憶と空
1:20:28 SE: APRÈS MIDI (hidden Track)
1:20:58 APRÈS MIDI~あるパリの午後で~
1:26:19 Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no shunkan no naka de~ / ヴェル・エール~空白の瞬間の中で~
MALICE MIZER w/ Hitomi on vocals:
1:31:37 SE: ~Zenchou~ / 〜前兆〜
1:32:17 Madrigal
2:36:59 No pains No gains / N・p・s N・g・s
MALICE MIZER w/ audience on vocals:
1:41:40 au revoir
MALICE MIZER w/ Shuji, KAMIJO and Hitomi on vocals:
1:48:36 ma chérie ~Itoshii kimi e~ / ma chérie~愛しい君へ~
1:54:48 Thank you!
1:59:11 SE: Saikai / 再会
2:00:41 Ending credits: Unmei no Deai / 運命の出会い
Bluray title: Deep Sanctuary VI ~MALICE MIZER 25th Anniversary Special~
Artist (Japanese): マリスミゼル
Release date: 21 June, 2019
Recorded at: TOYOSU PIT, 9 September 2018
Catalog number: DS60001
Guitar: Mana
Guitar: Közi
Bass: Yu~ki
Eternal blood relative:
Guest members:
Vocal: Shuji
Vocal: Hitomi
Drums: Sakura
Moi dix Mois:
Guitar: Mana
Vocal: Seth
Guitar: Ryux
Bass: Sugiya
Drums: Hayato
Vocals, Guitar: Közi
Guitar: JIRO?
Sugiya: Bass
Drums: Chargeeeeee…
Synths, Guitar: Yugami

MALICE MIZER, Moi dix Mois, ZIZ - Full Live 25th Anniversary Deep Sanctuary VI

Malice Mizer – Regret

If you’re curious about the annotation, it’s because people never read the description box and it pisses me off. If you’re reading this, however, thank you, your existence may actually be worth something.
Regret by Malice Mizer

Malice Mizer - Regret



MALICE MIZER – Live sans retour Voyage \”derniere\” ~encoure une fois~ [HD 1080p]

Hello there everyone, here is the full live DVD sans retour Voyage \”derniere\” ~encoure une fois~ by MALICE MIZER, in HD. This is not a poorly upscaled one, but an extremely good rip from the DVD. It’s impossible to get better quality. If you’re curious on how to rip it so good, feel free to ask.
The performances are amazing, but there’s sadly not that much songs on it. I really wish to see the performances of Après Midi, Premier Amour, and Shi no Buto some day.
Fun fact: As a French speaker, the title is extremely funny to me, since it is completely broken French. No sentence structure, and unfitting words. A translation would be like this:
Without return Travel \”last\” ~once again~
Pretty funny to me.
Other videos from Voyage DVD:
Live No pains No gains / N・p・s N・g・s :
Interviews Voyage (Mana, Közi, Yu~Ki) :
Live regret :
ma chérie ~愛しい君へ~ :
00:00 Furu no roumania / 古のルーマニア
02:02 Transylvania
04:45 Uruwashiki kamen no shotaijou / 麗しき仮面の招待状
07:24 CROIX
10:11 Tsuioku no kakera / 追憶の破片
13:31 regret
18:58 Madrigal
23:22 ma chérie ~Itoshii kimi e~ / ma chérie ~愛しい君へ~
27:37 Zenchou / 前兆

DVD Title: sans retour Voyage \”derniere\” ~encoure une fois~
Album: Voyage sans retour
Japanese Artist Name: マリス ミゼル
DVD Release Date: April 18, 2001 (Earlier on VHS)
Filmed At: Shibuya Kokaidou, on 1 April, 1997
Catalog Number: MMBV16
Label: Midi:Nette
Vocal: Gackt
Guitar: Mana
Guitar: Közi
Bass: Yu~Ki
Percussion: Kami

MALICE MIZER - Live sans retour Voyage \

MALICE MIZER – Le ciel LIVE (merveilles l’espace) [HD 1080p]

Hello! Here is Le ciel or Le ciel ~空白の彼方へ~ by MALICE MIZER, live from the DVD merveilles ~終焉と帰趨~ l’espace in HD 1080p quality.
FULL LIVE HERE / フルライブはこちら:
At the end, when GACKT’s flying, Kyrie from Duruflé’s Requiem is played. The specific recording of that on the DVD gets autoblocked worldwide on YT, so I replaced it with another recording of the piece, and sped that one up to be safe. I also added claps and screams from other parts of the DVD over the Requiem to make it sound like it’s real haha.
Le ciel live… what can I say about it? This live gets seen as the highest point of MALICE MIZER history, the finale of their greatest concert. It’s so powerful and amazing, both visually and musically, and one of GACKT’s best compositions. I can’t imagine how it must’ve been to experience it in real life… but I wasn’t born then haha. The arrangement of this live version is closer to the single version than the album version, which is a good thing since the single ver. sounds much richer.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
And sorry for sometimes a small cracks/snaps/pops that are sometimes there, just like my Bel Air live of that same concert, I don’t know what’s causing it but it’s very small and rare so it’s okay.
Song title: Le ciel ~kuuhaku no kanata e~
Song title (Japanese): Le ciel ~空白の彼方へ~ or ルシエル
Album: merveilles
Japanese artist name: マリスミゼル
DVD title: merveilles l’espace ~Shuuen to Kisuu~
Japanese title: merveilles ~終焉と帰趨~ l’espace
DVD release date: March 30, 2002 (Earlier on VHS)
Catalog number: COBA4162
Label: Nippon Columbia
Vocal: GACKT
Guitar: Mana
Guitar: Közi
Bass: Yu~ki
Percussion: Kami

MALICE MIZER - Le ciel LIVE (merveilles l'espace) [HD 1080p]

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