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与主题相关的图片 THIS ILLUSION (inst.) ~ Instrumental

THIS ILLUSION (inst.) ~ Instrumental

THIS ILLUSION (inst.) ~ Instrumental

有关主题的信息 this illusion

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works | This Illusion | LiSA | Best Fate&39;s Artworks【Full HD】

THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

Fate Stay Night opening 1 disillusion

Fate/stay night OST “6x Loop Edit” by me (lossless audio source)

Image upscale settings:

Fate Stay Night opening song 1 (full)

Featured as the credits for season 1, this cover of This Illusion from the 2014 Unlimited Blade Works anime was done by Corinne Sudberg, otherwise known as Megami33, a voice actress working at Funimation on various dubs including Fire Force and with an extensive history playing Bulma for Team Four Star.

We look forward to working more with Corinne in the future as we continue onward into 2021 and begin season 2 of Unlimited Blade Works Abridged!

This English lyrics were written and performed by Corinne Sudberg, and the instrumental was made and mixing was done by Dave Does Music!



“I can remember that day, that I witnessed in my dreams…
From the shadows, my voice was lost.
Absorbing every wish, so they’ll never fade away.
For tomorrow, I’ll move on, no matter the cost!

All of the pieces that scattered around,
Catching and holding them tight!
Cradling your heart as it sways to my song…
Leaping out into the endless night!

If there was someone right by my side…
It won’t grant me the peace I wished for within my mind!
Look deep within yourself to find out what you must do,
And don’t close your eyes to the truth!

So many nostalgic things have all been tossed in the wind,
Precious smiles and things from the past.
No matter how much I pray for what awaits me tomorrow,
All those answers will fade far away from my grasp!

Body and soul have been frozen real slow…
Emotions flake out from deep inside!
Wishing to save them before they decay…
Leaping out into the endless night!

If there was someone right by my side,
It won’t grant me the peace I wished for within my mind!
Look deep within yourself to find out what you must do,
And don’t close your eyes to the truth!

The moment that I live for someone,
I’ll cherish it before I realize that it’ll be gone!
Let’s you and I toss away these lives that we once knew,
And be reborn as we want to!”

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Written by Logan Laidlaw
Edited by Logan Laidlaw / Lip Sync by Aaron Robert Parnell

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Carson Laidlaw
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Unlimited Blade Works
Stay Night

Fate stay night UBW Ep12 NCED THIS ILLUSION

“Fate/stay night”

1st Opening (PC Version)
Opening Theme: “This Illusion”

Visual Novel by TYPEMOON
Video by AnimeRG

Disclaimer: “The song and graphics belong to their respective creators, so I do not claim them. Please support them and buy their products!”


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THIS ILLUSION (inst.) ~ Instrumental

this illusion.

48 thoughts on “THIS ILLUSION (inst.) ~ Instrumental | this illusion | 网站提供最新歌词”

  1. random question as i love Tohsaka (2nd fav waifu of all anime) but considering her strength and knowledge do you think she could hold off Mordred until help (like Artoria) arrived or would that be an instant kill for Mordred?

  2. Just how do you make an adaptation of one of the most beloved franchises in existence and just butcher all these iconic scenes with different music that what everyone fell in love with. Like, you can't even enjoy the movies standalone because they skip over A LOT of details, so if the movies are targeted towards fans, where's our musical fanservice?
    I feel like UBW did a much better job at keeping and modernizing classic tracks than HF, what a shame since Sakura's route was my favorite.

  3. This and so many other iconic tracks aren't even present in the heaven's feel movies, I'm so tired of hearing Yuki "all my music sounds the same" Kajiura's boring choir music.

  4. Oh I can't wait for this moment to be animated in the 3rd Heaven's Feel movie! Hopefully they use either this version, or a remix that is as close to this version of "This Illusion" during the battle!

  5. I can't wait to see Rin kick Sakura's ass on a big screen…… and by a big screen I mean watch it on kissanime because the cinemas in my country don't show anime -.-

  6. He sacrificed almost all of his existance to create that gemsword, though it was likely what saved them all..

    I love the way he clung to the drained amulet to keep himself lucid – as his mind fell apart, knowing it was somehow "important" even after he forgot why~ Rin best girl <3 ("w")/

  7. You know, a part of me really hopes they use an instrumental version of This Illusion for the Sakura vs Rin fight that'll be in the HF movie, but that will most likely not happen anyways.

  8. A flash from the blade.
    Light traces the dagger's swing, obliterating Matou Sakura's guardian shadows.
    Not only that. Light and heat, like those of a miniature Excalibur, send rumbles through the cavern.

  9. Thank you so much for this. As much as I complained about the Heaven's Feel route… Rin's scene might be the best fighting sequence in the whole game for me!

  10. @NM64- Nintendo Maniac 64 i found the song from the visual novel soundtrack on youtube someone uploaded it's called breach and i was wondering if you could extend this song since it's really short. 

     @NM64- Nintendo Maniac 64 there's a song i'm trying to find from heaven's feel and i need your help. the chase scene with shirou, kirei, and ilya when assassin was after them do you know the name of the song for that?

  12. LOL
    Gilgamesh: If you want to dirty me with that mud, bring three (five I think) times as much as that if you want to soil me!
    *later on*
    Gilgamesh: HOLY S- *gets devoured by the Shadow and immediately digested*

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