Viking Music – Longboat Raid | 维京传奇

Viking Music – Longboat Raid

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Viking music about a Viking chief and his men who stealthily raid a coastal village during the night. This music is called Longboat Raid. We hope you enjoy it!

This beautiful picture was done by joaoMachay. Feel free to check out his site:

The artwork for the Norse Lands CD is by Barandash Karandashich.

~ Music by Derek \u0026 Brandon Fiechter ~

Viking Music - Longboat Raid

维京传奇第6季- 完整版 – (内含完整版链接)


维京传奇第6季- 完整版 - (内含完整版链接)


维京人与英格兰人打仗,战损比竟然是1:50《维京传奇》第一季 第4集


维京传奇 Vikings S04


维京传奇 Vikings S04




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