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Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

The INTJ parts of the 16 Personalities Comedy Sketches part 1.
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Written by Holly N and FJ

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Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

Top 10 signs you’re an INTJ | 1.9% of the Population

Top 10 signs you’re an INTJ | 1.9% of the Population. You have an INTJ personality type if you have an objective personality, introverted intuition and introverted feeling. By doing the MBTI INTJ test, you can even find out more about the INTJ relationship.

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What is an INTJ personality type?
INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging) is one of the 16 personality types identified by a personality assessment called the MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Sometimes referred to as the “Architect,” or the “Strategist,” people with INTJ personalities are highly analytical, creative and logical.

Why is Intj so rare?
So why are INTJs so rare? It mostly has to do with conflicting personality traits that are often misunderstood by the masses. The way these qualities work against each other and even for each other at different times makes INTJs one of the rarest personality types.

intj intjpersonality intjmemes

Top 10 signs you’re an INTJ | 1.9% of the Population

5 Signs You’re Not an INTJ

Well this video was highly requested so here you go!
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I hope this video makes you either, more sure of your type as an INTJ, or gives you the freedom to embrace your actual type, whatever that is.

INTJ MBTI personality
Typing disclaimer: Hi my name is Lindsay, I’m an actual INTJ typed by actual professionals using the scientific method on a 512 scale. I didn’t choose this profile, it chose me. Official type is: FM Ni/Te BPSC

5 Signs You’re Not an INTJ

INTJ in 4 Minutes

Personality Type Test:
Famous INTJs:

When listening to type descriptions, remember that “type portraits” can never accurately describe all people of a given type. Descriptions and portraits like these can only describe the types as they typically are.

INTJ in 4 Minutes

Why INTJ Females Are So Unique

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Today, we will look at some of the attributes of INTJs women that make them unique and different from other females out there. However, Let us have a look at some of the INTJ women’s unique attributes…

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Why INTJ Females Are So Unique

Why INTJs Suck At…

intj 16personalities mbti

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Why INTJs Suck At...

Are you SURE you&39;re an INTJ….

The INTJ personality the mastermind, the visionary leader, the productive sage. I admire INTJs relentless pursuit of continual growth. Of the 16 personalities, the INTJ is the one that most effectively balances the left and right sides of the brain, the head and the heart, the efficient and the woo woo.

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Note: this video is almost a duplicate of my previous INTJ video “INTJs aren’t the masterminds they think they are unless they do these 2 things…” and it’s the video that inspired the format of this 16 personalities series. My original plan was to not make another in the same format. However, because it was done months before this series, many people were requesting I do the INTJ video, and to make it more cohesive longterm I decided to basically remake the video with a few more added touches and different examples. This way all 16 types are in one cohesive block of videos chronologically.✌️

0:00 Intro
0:29 INTJ brain regions cognitive functions
4:37 INTJ common mistypes
7:03 INTJ dominant strength Ni
12:28 Why you need extroversion
14:47 INTJ growth point Te
20:40 INTJ common weakness Fi
26:27 INTJ stretch point Se
31:41 INTJ unique gift to the world

○ Myers Briggs 101
○ What are cognitive functions?
○ Design your life with the Eisenhower matrix

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Are you SURE you&39;re an INTJ....

10대 20대 30대 INTJ가 다같이 INTJ 팩폭을 읽어본다면? (feat. 지나친 분석 욕심으로 주변인들이 더 피곤..)ㅣ연령별 MBTI

10대 INTJ 20대 INTJ 30대 INTJ가 모여 INTJ 팩폭을 읽어보았다!

(아직 본인 유형을 모른다면 에서 지금 바로 검사하세요!)

⚠️ MBTI는 성격에 결론을 내리는 잣대가 아니라 자기탐색을 돕는 도구입니다. 세상에 좋은 유형, 나쁜 유형은 없습니다. 오로지, 재미로만 시청해주세요!

16개 성격유형🎨의 매력적인 이야기, “MBTI 콘텐츠” 많은 시청바랍니다!

☞ 유튜브 채널
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MBTI 연령별mbti 연령별INTJ

10대 20대 30대 INTJ가 다같이 INTJ 팩폭을 읽어본다면? (feat. 지나친 분석 욕심으로 주변인들이 더 피곤..)ㅣ연령별 MBTI

INTJ / Architect Personality Explained in 2 minutes

INTJ or Architect personality type explained in a 2minute animated video.

Architects are constantly deconstructing and rebuilding every idea and system they encounter to create an intricate model of the world into which everything must fit neatly. They usually show an interesting mix of traits being imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet secretive, curious about everything yet focused. The life of the mind is very important to them.

Read more about INTJ Type here:

INTJ / Architect Personality Explained in 2 minutes

Why Some People Hate The INTJ

Why Some People Hate The INTJ | The intuitive and rational INTJ surely has a host of favourable INTJ traits, but what is it about this determined architect personality type that people just can’t stand?

Well.. In fact, people hate INTJs lack of emotion and empathy. The seemingly mean INTJ tends to be overly critical and dismissive of emotions, which can make it seem like the INTJ heartless. They have a tendency to be so wrapped up in their own complex INTJ brain that this seemingly arrogant INTJ type doesn’t allow the opinions of others one of the biggest INTJ weaknesses and this INTJ dark side doesn’t sit well with people, especially in INTJ toxic relationships.

So, are INTJs evil, or do they just have a few INTJ toxic traits that make them seem so emotionally dismissive? Check out today’s video to find out why people hate INTJ.

INTJ INTJpersonalitytype MBTI


👉 15 Signs You’re An INTJ Personality Type The Architect

👉 10 Surprising Secrets Of The INTJ Personality Type

👉 9 Signs You’re a True Heyoka (The Most Powerful Empath)




All Audio & Video Production by PSYCHO

Disclaimer: PSYCHO is a theory channel. The contents of this video are based on theory research and was NOT created using professional advice. The contents in this video and all of PSYCHO videos are under United States state law for Fair Use. The video is edited for entertainment and informative purposes.

Why Some People Hate The INTJ


与主题相关的图片 Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

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Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)


40 thoughts on “Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only) | intj | 提供最新和弦的网站”

  1. I’m an INTJ and…

    everytime I share my answers on a test with my classmates it was always followed up with “Next time pay me up.” or “You guys owe me.” and my Mom asked me why I’m doing it and I told her “So that I can make use of them in the future…and they can’t say no.”

    I sound like a damn mastermind with an evil plan lol

  2. 0:36 that was spot on for me, haha when I’m on my break, none of what’s happening at work it’s my business. When I clock out too. – INTJ

  3. That moment on 0:46 was soooo real… Of course before we offer you our service with something we are exceptionally good at, first there must be something in exchange that we can get from you. In that way, both of us benefit from each other.

  4. I have the WORST trait a INTJ can have, a friendly face. I actively scowl, i'm 6'2 and still children and little old ladies will ask me for help. Even wearing "Does Not Play Well with Others" T shirt with the image of a barking dog doesn't help. lol

  5. The student was me in college. I took advantage of the fact that none of the freshmen in my dorm were not prepared for life. I did thier tax returns for 50 bucks, made 8 dollars dinner plates, changed a few tire and spark plugs 10 bucks each. Then made pies on Sundays 5 dollars each, my dorm room was like a store, they wasn't ready for me.

  6. As an ENFP, I would never be able to hold a conversation with an INTJ. Your bluntness and complete disregard for other people's feelings would have me in tears the entire time. Do you do this intentionally, or are you just naturally hilarious?

  7. Your side I needs more attention I've seen it in this video with the Illuminati thing and I seen it in a different video where you're talking about you're an f j and you got nothing when you trying to read their mind the side-eye is probably going to be your characteristic trait

  8. Whassup. I be INTJ. The getting caught in the cord thing and pretending to choke to death was what I related to the most. I enjoy making the humans laugh.

  9. Well, we don't believe in conspiracy theories and bs, but everything else checks out. Most of out day is observing dumb people being inefficient and talking to ourselves about the obvious solution. We don't even feel that smart, until we observe most of humanity and realize "oh shit, we may be in the smartest tier . . .That can't be good."


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